On August 17th 2004 my firstborn son Gerard passed away suddenly at the age of 17. This page will remain where ever I have a website in rememberance of him.

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Ignore bluecoat proxy ssl

Bluecoat proxy uses a man in the middle attack to monitor https connections. Git does not like that and will throw an ssl verification error: $ git pull fatal: unable to access '': SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate This can be ignored by using git config http.sslVerify false Do not do this lightly!!!

Interesting links

Hype cycle numbered headings in Markdown using CSS

first post with hugo

First post using Hugo as engine. The idea of generating a static site generator instead of installing some kind of blogging software that is hardly used to its full potential and basically is nothing but a memory hungry layer on top of an application server of some kind. Being able to just post using markdown is a big plus too. Just focus on the writing and not on the way it looks.

wicket and tomee

Two weeks of holiday means time to finally play with some things I had on my list for quite some time now. One of them was Tomee. I have always been interested in JEE applications. Coming from the old old EJB 1 I remember the pain of working with it and I switched quite fast to Spring. A lot has changed in the years and EJB 3 and 3.1 are a delight to work with.

Change where wicket 6 gets the html templates

I have been using wicket for a long time. The one thing I don’t really like is the way the markup html is being handled. This is what “wicket in action” says: Wicket’s default way of locating resources enable you to quickly switch between the Java files and markup files during development because they’re right next to each other. Also, with this algorithm, your package components are immediately reusable without users having to configure where the templates are loaded from; if the components’ class can be found in the class path, so can their resources.

wicket 6, SSL and development

Currently I am writing a small wicket based application for a telecom provider in the netherlands. As the customer will login to the system SSL needed to be setup. I had already dones this a few times with older versions of wicket but never with Wicket 6.0.0. released just last week. I always use Jetty to run the application from maven during development. I starts fast and is lightweight. I also dont want to be bothered with the SSL certificate during development.